Keep our original lands, waters and wildlife beautiful, for all, forever.

Join us in conserving and restoring our natural abundance so that we can all enjoy a healthy and secure future.

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Nature is my cathedral. I go through a doorway. The Creator shows me how beautiful life is.
Wa'xaid Cecil Paul
From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, through rainforests, across grasslands, over boreal landScapes, to towering mountain tops, BC has some of the highest diversity of life in the world’s temperate zone.
70% of Canada’s native mammal and bird species are found in British Columbia.
143 mammal species inhabit BC, including whales, dolphins, lynx, moose, caribou, elk and grizzly bears.
50% of the world’s mountain goat population resides in BC.
BC is home to ONE OF the world's most productive salmon runS.
Only 1% of the earth’s surface is covered in temperate rainforest. 25% of these rainforests are in British Columbia.
Temperate rainforests found in BC capture three times more carbon than tropical rainforests.
Globally, almost 70% of animal populations have been lost in the last 50 years.
BC is a stronghold of wildlife diversity.
Species diversity and climate resilience rely on wild areas.
Scientists estimate that 30% protection of land and oceans is the minimum needed to avoid species extinction. Economists estimate the benefits of protecting 30% of the earth’s land and ocean outweigh the costs by a factor of at least 5 to 1.
To address the dual crises of biodiversity loss and global warming, the United Nations, Canada, and BC’s Provincial and First Nations governments have all signed commitments to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030.

Double The Beauty

BC is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We want to keep it that way, together.

The BC Conservation Fund will invest in projects where Indigenous people and other British Columbians work together, and with nature itself, to conserve and rewild biodiverse land and freshwater areas, boost community health, and create local sustainable jobs. That’s a beautiful thing for people, other species, and climate resilience across this great land.

What’s more, every dollar you contribute to projects is guaranteed to be matched 1:1, doubling your impact.

And if that’s not great enough, your impact will also be doubled by nature itself. Because when we give nature half a chance, it will do the rest.  And that’s the most beautiful match of all.

I’d like to fund projectsI’d like to propose a project